Dear Patrons,

While the leaves outside are falling, the leaves on our Rock Hill Family Tree are growing (see below)! Inspired by a Buzzfeed article about how public libraries improve lives, we wanted to let you know, the feeling is mutual. We are grateful for everyone who uses the library, whether you come here to grab a book or movie, attend a program, print a document, or just relax in a comfy chair! Here’s a few reasons why we’re grateful for YOU!

Learning from You
I am grateful for how our patrons always have a fresh perspective to give. Whether discussing a book, film, or life in general, I love hearing their opinions and being able to see things in a different light

Having Fun!

I appreciate our patrons – especially the very young ones – because they are so loving and so fun to be with at the programs at the library.

Acts of Kindness
I am grateful for how caring and kind our patrons are. Recently, a patron brought in a picture book she hadn’t checked out but had found at the grocery store. She took the time to bring it back because she didn’t want anyone to get late fees or lose a library book. A small act of kindness means a lot!

Witnessing Community
I am grateful to witness unexpected, organic community moments. For example, patrons coming in and seeing friends and neighbors they haven’t seen in ages – and then hugging, talking, laughing…..

Providing Services
I am grateful for our library users because I think we have so much information and so many services that our patrons can use and it makes me feel good to be able to save patrons time and sometimes expense by helping them here.


I am thankful for the kindness and appreciation of our patrons. They are a joy!

We are thankful for you!
– Your Library Staff