Using the Library

Using the Library

Rock Hill Public Library Memory Preservation Lab

What is a Memory Preservation Lab?
The lab is for the personal archiving and preservation of family photos, negatives, and slides.
Equipment Available

The lab is equipped with an iMac and an Epson image scanner that can scan photos, negatives, and slides. The computer is equipped with Adobe Photoshop for photo editing.

How do I use the lab?
Please call the library at 314-962-4723 to reserve a time for use. Reservations will be made in 1-hour increments and can be extended if no one is waiting. A staff member will be available to help you get set up when you arrive for your appointment. You will be able to scan and edit images and upload them to your flash drive or cloud storage (such as Google Drive).
What do I need?
A flash drive or external hard drive, or cloud storage if you have plenty of space. 16 GB flash drives will be available for purchase at the library if you do not have one. You will also need basic computer skills, such as how to open programs and save files.
Things to know
This computer is not directly connected to a printer. If you would like to print your images, you can email them to yourself or bring your flash drive to the main computer lab and print from there. The Library does not have photo-quality paper.

Additionally, the Memory Preservation Lab is in the meeting room area of the Library, which also houses the Young Adult and part of the Nonfiction Collections. This is not a private space.

Food & Drink

Food is prohibited in the library. Drinks with lids are allowed in the library.