World Kindness Day is November 13, and the Rock Hill Public Library is excited to celebrate! Connecting with others has been a bit more challenging this year, but we can offer kindness even while social distancing. Take a look at a few suggestions for how you can spread some extra joy today.

1. Send a thoughtful text to a friend

It’s especially hard to stay connected right now, but it doesn’t take much to let someone know they’re appreciated! Take a minute or two to send a text to a friend or loved one to express how much they mean to you–unexpected gratitude will surely put a smile one someone’s face today.

2. Be polite on the road

Road rage gets the best of everyone sometimes! Today, try to remain calm on your commute. Instead of getting worked up about the person who forgot to use their turn signal, just let them merge and get on with your day. If you’re the driver who’s struggling today, give your fellow commuters a wave to let them know you appreciate their patience.

3. Post a nice comment on social media

We all know what social media is like these days. Make your feed–and someone’s day–a little brighter with a thoughtful, positive comment. Not the commenting type? Even a like or heart react can make an impact!

4. Grab groceries for a neighbor

Reach out to a neighbor and offer to get their groceries or run other errands. If your neighbor is elderly or high-risk, or if they just have a lot on their plate today, helping them mark something off their to-do list can make a world of difference!

5. Give your food delivery driver a big tip

If you have the money to spare, show some extra appreciation for your food delivery person by giving a bigger tip than usual. Delivery drivers are getting a lot of business right now, but not everyone is tipping as well as they might have before 2020. Even a couple extra bucks can make someone’s day.


6. Support someone online

Online support can look like many different things: buy from a local business if you have some extra money–or leave a positive review so others will be encouraged to buy from them–promote an artist’s social media page, or let people know about an online event!

7. Remember to take care of yourself

Offering kindness to yourself is just as important as sharing it with others! Take some time today for self-care. Need some ideas? Try writing a positive note to yourself (even a small Post-It will do), hop online to take a yoga class, write a gratitude list, or take a warm bath. Your version of self-care can even be as simple as drinking a glass of water. Do whatever you need to feel like you again.

Whether big or small, each act of kindness in the world goes a long way. Even if you’re staying inside right now, there are so many ways to intentionally spread the love. No matter what route you choose, the easiest way to spread kindness is by working it into your daily routine. We hope you have a happy World Kindness Day!